Friday, April 3, 2009

The Short List to Preparation - 72 Hour Kit

1. Backpack for each family member large enough to not need a second, consider padded straps, waist support, several compartments, comfort, and bright colors for quick find.
2. Food in your kits should be rated for a five-year shelf life. MRE’s and high calorie energy bars are the best choices and eating utensils.
3. Purchase pouched or boxed water that has a five-year shelf life. Bottled water purchased at the store is good for just 6-12 months.
4. Matches or flashlight and glow sticks instead of matches. Only use matches after a gas leak threat is passed. Separated batteries for flashlights and radios.
5. An extra set of keys for fast access. Whistle.
6. Identification card for each person. Parents should include child info. Each card should include: Parent’s names, address, and home and cell phone numbers plus numbers for close family and friends. Also include the name, address and phone number for a local contact person, an out of state contact person, the name and phone numbers of your doctor, dentist, optometrist, and church leaders. List any medications, special medical conditions, and allergies on the card as well. 7. Each kit should have several family photos to post if you are separated from a family member; family photo can be used to prove a relationship
8. A multi-function tool or pocketknife is a must. These can provide everything from can openers to screw drivers. Consider one that has a sheath with a belt loop.
9. At least one AM/FM (should have both bands) radio should be available per adult family member. Consider hand crank or by solar power.
10. Each basic first aid items in their own kit. Consider a backup pair of prescription glasses.
11. Emergency blankets (inexpensive, lightweight-- include in every 72-hour kit and every vehicle)
12. Consider biohazard bags to dispose of medical or hazardous waste
13. The Boy Scout Handbook
14. a small set of scriptures appropriate to the age of the family member.Nothing will be more comfort in an emergency than the voice of the Lord in scripture.

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